Hollywood in Concert

Immerse your audience into a new perception of orchestral music and film, leading the classical concert experience into a new era and enthuse new clienteles.
We stage film music and classical concerts 
as a creative interplay between music, visuals, light, space and the concert hall architecture. 
We pursue a holistic approach, in which every aspect of the show is perfectly aligned and thus generate a harmonious, captivating and emotive ambience. 
We also offer TV and CD recordings of concert productions with the aim of presenting the fascination of the concert experience from home.


Enthuse your audience with a unique, cinematic concert experience.

A-list composers such as John Williams, James Horner, James Newton Howard, Randy Newman, Alan Silvestri, Howard Shore, John Barry and Hans Zimmer have trusted us to bring their music to life.

Our »Hollywood in Concert« series presents compilations of music and film clips of Hollywood’s most popular movie highlights, that we offer to concert promoters worldwide.

Your Symphony Orchestra and stunning, synchronized screen projections will let your audience immerse into a new, captivating and emotive concert experience. 

Benefit from our longterm experience in elaborating concert programs together with Hollywood’s foremost composers for our annual »Hollywood in Vienna« gala concerts  and our collaboration with the leading film studios of the dream factory.

Our various concert programs have already enthused audiences to standing ovations all over the world – from Europe to Asia and South America.

Pick your concert!

Find music and video clips from
Hollywood's most beloved movies:

Chose one of our suggested programs
or let us compile an individual program for you.

Worlds of Adventure

Continuos tension, imposing scores and film clips from well known Hollywood Adventure Blockbusters.

Your audience will  discover the secrets of the »Jurassic Park«, meet »Indiana Jones« on his treasure hunt, dream with »Inception«  and set sail with the »Pirates of the Caribbean«.

Comedy and Fantasy

for the whole family.

Kids and adults will have fun with »The Simpsons«, »The Muppets«, »The Pink Panther«, »Ice Age« and »Ghostbusters«. In the concert’s Fantasy part they visit »Hook« in Neverland, meet »E.T«, board the »Polar Express« and fly »Back to the Future«.

Magic Moments

Sweeping melodies and magical scenes from beloved Hollywood fantasy films.

 Your audience will fly with »ET« up in the air, visit the moon Pandora in »Avatar«, encounter »Harry Potter’s« wondrous world, board a space ship in »Star Trek« and discover a far away galaxy in »Star Wars«.

Tales of Mystery

The right ingredients
for an eerily-beautiful concert.

Your audience meets the the eccentric »Addams’s family«, encounters immortal ex-wives in »Death Becomes Her«, shivers with »Omen« and »Maleficent«, reveals the enigmatic »Da Vinci Code« and visits »The Dark Knight« in Gotham City. 



Our programs are available as orchestral concerts or including movie songs.

Your package
may include the following

Staff and Artists

•    Conductor
•    Music Supervisor
•    Video Operator
•    Production Manager
•    Singers (optional)
Add ons

•    Moderation Text
•    Stage design
•    Light design
Artistic and technical Material

•    Music material for symphony orchestra
•    90 minutes synced video material
•    Hollywood footage and visuals
•    Conductor videos
•    Sound concept
•    Media server rental and software
•    Technical Rider

•    Sound files and playbacks
•    Clicks for conductor and musicians 

Selection of
past concert productions

The Sound of Hollywood Tour

The Sound of Hollywood, presented by the German classical radio station »Klassik Radio« and promoter Semmel Concerts, is a film music tour that celebrated its success in 30 cities in Germany and Switzerland – from Berlin to Munich and Zürich. 

The City of Prague Philharmonics and conductor Nic Raine performed highlights of our »Worlds of Adventure« and »Magic Moments« concert programs.


Hollywood in Vienna

»Hollywood in Vienna« is an annual symphonic gala concert celebrating classic and contemporary masterpieces of film music in Vienna’s prestigious Konzerthaus. Within the course of each gala, the City of Vienna awards one of today’s leading film music composers with the »Max Steiner Film Music Achievement Award«. Meanwhile, the gala concert is broadcast internationally via radio and TV to 35 countries.

Awardees were John Barry, Howard Shore, Alan Silvestri, Lalo Schifrin, James Horner, Randy Newman, James Newton Howard


Film Music Festival of Kaohsiung

The Kaohsiung Philharmonic Orchestra, Chamber Choir and conductor Nic Raine presented three of our concert programs – »Magic Moments«, »Worlds of Adventure« and »Comedy Tonight« – at the annual Kaohsiung Spring Festival in Taiwan. An audience of altogether 36.000 people enjoyed six sold out open air concerts.


»Hollywood in Concert« is a trademarke by BOFM TOMEK